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Mesa Vandalism Attorney


Criminal Defense & Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Mesa

Vandalism and graffiti may be seen as forms of open artistic impression to some but Arizona classifies the acts as criminal violations. Depending on the value of the property damage, who owns the property that was damaged, and the age of the offender, vandalism can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Regardless of the extent of the vandalism that you allegedly caused, you should involve our Mesa criminal defense attorneys in your case as soon as possible if you wish to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

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Juvenile Defense for Vandalism in Arizona

The act of vandalism is completed by a disproportionate percentage of juveniles compared to adults, perhaps due to the expressive and rebellious natures of youths. For this reason, when there are reports of vandalism, Arizona law enforcement and criminal investigators tend to assume that the suspects will be young adults. Even if your son or daughter had done nothing wrong, or there is no suitable evidence against them, they could be arrested and charged with vandalism, criminal damage, and trespassing.

Penalties a juvenile can face if convicted of vandalism include:

  • Time in juvenile detention
  • Forced restitution to victims
  • Difficulty finding employment
  • Destroyed school reputation

Juvenile crimes and their related convictions weigh heavily on youths, as their lives are essentially just beginning. It is important to do all that is possible to protect them from an unforgiving criminal justice system.

Misdemeanor & Felony Vandalism

Adults who have been charged with vandalism might have even heavier penalties lined up for them. Any sort of criminal conviction can result in jail time and steep fines paid to the state, and this is only considering misdemeanors. If the property was heavily damaged by vandalism, such as multiple broken windows or spray paint all around the building’s perimeter, it may constitute a felony. Damaging government controlled property, like a post office or police station, will also likely escalate the charges to a felony, which includes at least one year incarceration upon conviction in most instances.

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Naegle Law Firm has one goal in mind whenever we start a new case: client satisfaction. We do not believe you should be excessively punished over a vandalism charge, and neither should your children if they are facing juvenile offense charges. By dedicating our time and energy to your efforts, we believe we can dramatically increase your chances of landing a beneficial outcome.

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