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Shoplifting Defense Lawyer In Mesa


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The temptations for shoplifting are everywhere and when money runs short, the temptation can become overwhelming and result in criminal charges. Shoplifting is normally considered a misdemeanor offense; however multiple charges for shoplifting can result in a felony charge.

If you have been charged with shoplifting, let us help fight to protect a promising future. We will work closely with individuals and juveniles charged with this crime to make sure a thorough investigation with all the facts is administered. Naegle Law Firm takes extra care to challenge the prosecutors’ use of evidence that may violate your Fourth Amendment rights. Our focus is always to do everything possible to dismiss or reduce charges as to not result in permanent damage to your personal record.

We understand how important a clean record is for you and will do everything possible to keep it that way. Contact us today if you have been charged with shoplifting or believe that you are under investigation.

Defense for Juveniles Charged with Shoplifting

If your minor-age son or daughter has been charged with shoplifting or if he or she under investigation for another common juvenile offense such as vandalism or arson, it is important to talk to an experienced attorney and start an aggressive defense right awar. Charlie Naegle has experience with juvenile cases and we will be at your side throughout the entire process, aiding to protect a promising future.

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Charlie Naegle can look over your charges during a FREE evaluation and tell you what you should do next. He works closely with each client from start to finish and handles their case with the utmost care and professionalism.

Talk to Charlie Naegle for experienced guidance.

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