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Underage Drinking and Minor in Possession


Arizona has zero tolerance when it comes to Underage Drinking. However, sometimes police can make unreasonable assumptions and innocent minors can be accused of crimes they did not commit. To protect Arizona citizens and ensure these penalties are being administered justly, experienced Mesa juvenile defense attorney Charlie Naegle is dedicated to helping protect our community’s children from arrests and criminal charges that can haunt them well into adulthood. The state of Arizona has strict laws in place that mandate that if any person under the age of 21 is found carrying or drinking alcohol, or driving under the influence, they may be charged with Minor in Possession or Underage DUI penalties. These serious penalties aim to reduce the consumption of alcohol, especially in minors, because it can lead to many other misdemeanor crimes, such as vandalism, driving under the influence, and disorderly conduct.

Minor In Possession

In Arizona, Minor in Possession (MIP) is a class one misdemeanor and if a child is found guilty he may be charged with serious criminal offenses. If convicted, the minor may have to face

  • jail sentences
  • penalties up to $2500
  • mandatory alcohol education classes
  • suspension of driver’s license
  • community service and
  • a permanent criminal history.

Furthermore, a criminal charge could have a significant negative impact on your child’s future. In such a scenario, hiring an experienced Mesa juvenile defense attorney is your best bet for understanding the law and defending your child’s rights in court. A juvenile defense attorney is especially helpful because minors are more vulnerable to the questioning methods the police use to strategically acquire the information they need. When you employ the skills of Mesa juvenile defense attorney Charlie Naegle to help your case,you can rest assured that someone with extensive legal knowledge is present with your child during the questioning session.

Why You Need a Mesa Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your child or a child you know has been prosecuted for underage drinking or minor in possession, call Charlie Naegle today. Your child and you deserve to have a quality legal defense from a skilled Mesa criminal defense attorney.They can inform you about your legal rights and how to use them. Only an experienced juvenile defense attorney will be able to protect your child’s rights and negotiate on your child’s behalf to get the charges dismissed. Certainly, no child wants to enter the job market with a criminal record and a dedicated defender works hard to give you and your child a second chance to start their life afresh.

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