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Juvenile Misdemeanor Crimes in Arizona


Juvenile misdemeanor crimes in Arizona are considered less serious than felonies but that does not mean their consequences are less damaging. In fact, when the convicted person is a juvenile, no matter what the charge is, the effects can be detrimental and a criminal record will follow a minor into adulthood.

Generally misdemeanors include such crimes as petty theft, unruly conduct, trespassing, indecent exposure, assault, arson, and public intoxication etc. If a minor has been convicted of a misdemeanor, they will usually receive probation and fines, but it is also possible that the child may receive a jail sentence. It may also result in detention, house arrest, or even adult prison. This can put huge amounts of stress on the family and will definitely impact your child’s future. Therefore, if you are in Mesa and your child or any child you know has been charged with a misdemeanor crime you should immediately seek the help of Mesa juvenile defense attorney Charlie Naegle. With the help of a qualified juvenile defense lawyer, you and your child will be able to navigate the juvenile justice system with Charlie Naegle as your guide. Charlie will always present a powerful defense aimed at minimizing the damage to your child’s life.

In a juvenile misdemeanor case, usually the first step involves a meeting with your child in the prosecution office. This is the most crucial step since anything that your child says can be used against him or her by the prosecution. The presence of a Mesa juvenile defense attorney can prevent mistakes a minor might make that could jeopardize their case. Often, in juvenile crimes, police are particularly adept at questioning the suspects since they know young children are easily intimidated by police pressure. Moreover, a minor is less likely to understand his/her rights in such a scenario. Therefore, by employing an experienced Mesa juvenile defense attorney, you will be able to fully explore your legal options and choose the best route for your child’s future.

Juvenile misdemeanor crimes should not be taken lightly. They can have an effect on the entire family. Calling Charlie Naegle, a skilled Mesa juvenile defense attorney, early on will ensure that your child does not have to suffer unnecessary long-term consequences for their actions.

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