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Arizona DUI Arrests Decrease in 2014


The number of DUI arrests in the state of Arizona has been alarmingly high in past years. While the unfortunate statistics still show a total of nearly 28,500 DUI arrests in 2014 for Arizona alone, the new annual trend shows a significant decline from previous years. Interestingly though, while the number of DUI arrests is decreasing, the amount of police enforcement implemented in Arizona has increased substantially noted Mesa DUI Lawyer Charlie Naegle. The director of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Alberto Gutier, has recently revamped the state’s efforts to patrol roads and detain drivers under the influence of alcohol. Added training measures have been implemented in Arizona’s police force to help officers identify signs of intoxicated driving. Plus, in 2014, an additional 5,790 officers were hired to patrol the roads in Arizona. So… If police safety efforts are being increased and highway patrolmen are more prevalent, how is the number of DUI arrests in Arizona still steadily decreasing?

Hopefully, the notable decrease can be attributed to Arizonans being more responsible when they consume alcohol or planning ahead with a taxi or designated driver on call. Whether the decrease is in response to people’s awareness of the consequences or not, any improvement is better than none. While the number of people in Arizona who drive under the influence of alcohol is still catastrophically high, and the number of Extreme DUI arrests of drivers with a BAC of .15% or higher has not seen much improvement over the years, Arizona has made a bit of progress towards safer roads and saving lives.

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During the holiday months of November to February each year, DUI arrests spike due to the holiday parties, sporting events, and family gatherings taking place all over the valley. Mesa DUI lawyer Charlie Naegle has been helping clients convicted of DUI charges get the representation and protection they need for a smooth court trial and renewed peace of mind. Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones get your lives back on track as quickly as possible.

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