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Why Holidays and DUI Go Hand in Hand


People enjoy all sorts of traditions during the holiday season. From decorating Christmas trees to putting up lights on the house, there are traditions that both children and adults look forward to all year round.

What about the tradition of DUI? Statistics show that, year after year, more DUI arrests are made during the holiday season than any other time of the year. It truly has become a tradition all on it’s own.

So why is there such a strong correlation between the holidays and DUI arrests?

  • Holidays mean more family gatherings and parties with friends. Because many of these parties involve alcohol, they can lead to more DUI incidents.
  • There are many different sporting events happening between late November and early February, including college football championships, NFL playoffs, and NBA and NHL games. Alcohol and sporting events go hand in hand.
  • The busy holiday rush can lead to distractions. People often aren’t paying close enough attention to detail, including the choosing of designated drivers or programming a taxi company’s number in their phone.
  • Law enforcement steps things up during the holidays. There are more officers on duty during the holidays keeping an eye out for impaired drivers.
  • More DUI checkpoints tend to happen during the holidays.

The combination of an increase of social events involving alcohol with an increase of law enforcement patrols and stops leads to more DUI incidents during the holidays. You can steer clear of an arrest by planning ahead and thinking clearly.

But remember also to be mindful of your rights. Unfortunately, because of the beefed up law enforcement on high alert during the holidays, people’s rights can sometimes be overlooked or infringed upon. The best thing you can do if you find yourself facing DUI charges is call an attorney.

DUI attorneys like Charlie Naegle are familiar with some of the common mistakes law enforcement officers make during a DUI arrest. Theses mistakes can be challenged in court leading to a lower charges or even dismissal in some cases.

Don’t let a DUI ruin your holiday season. Start by being smart and thinking ahead when it comes to arranging for designated drivers or other rides home. But if you are pulled over and arrested for DUI, the sooner you can get on the phone with an attorney, the better.

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