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Phoenix Suns Broadcaster arrested for DUI


Tom Chambers, former Phoenix Suns player and current Phoenix Suns broadcaster, was arrested Saturday, December 7th and charged with DUI.

Apparently, Chambers was on his way home from the Pac-12 Championship Game Saturday night when his vehicle was seen swerving into other lanes, including the bicycle lane. When questioned, he admitted to the police that he had had a few drinks at the game. He also had two opened bottles of beer in the car and a passenger. Arizona law states that any person in a vehicle cannot be in possession of an open bottle of alcohol.

The report says that Chambers refused a field sobriety test. In Arizona, you have the right to refuse a field sobriety test, but it doesn’t mean that you will avoid arrest or a charge of DUI. In this case, Chambers eventually was required to submit to a blood test…the results are pending.

According to reports, Chambers was also “belligerent” with the officers on the scene. He was arrested and booked on several charges.

Arizona has very strict laws when it comes to DUI. When faced with DUI charges, it’s very important to contact a DUI Attorney such as Charlie Naegle as soon as possible. Mr. Naegle knows and understands DUI law in Arizona. He can help you with the following:

  • Knowing what to say and not to say to Arizona police officers upon arrest
  • Which tests you are subject to upon arrest
  • Understanding the consequences of a DUI charge

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