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The State of Arizona and Domestic Violence


Domestic violence charges and penalties are not taken lightly in the State of Arizona. Even if charges stem from a simple mistake or misunderstanding gone wrong, charges are prosecuted aggressively. In cases where the accuser is a spouse or someone close to you, the situation can be even more serious.

Domestic violence does not only apply to spouses. Victims may also include:

  • A roommate
  • Boyfriend or girlfriend
  • The parent of your child
  • A person who is pregnant with your child
  • Parents and grandparents
  • Siblings and brothers and sisters in law
  • Step Children/Parent

Often times, domestic violence charges stem from an argument or fight that breaks out in a home between 2 family members. If the police are notified, they will respond to the location to help end the conflict and make a determination if anyone should be charged with a crime.

At this point, the police officer would need probable cause that domestic violence occurred. They actually don’t have to witness anything first had in order to make arrests. If they believe that further violence or disruptions may take place, they will make arrests accordingly.

Some domestic violence offenses are not necessarily violent. They might include crimes such as trespassing, harassment or disorderly conduct. However, if any of these crimes were committed against someone who has a domestic relationship with the accused, they can be considered a domestic violence offense.

To find out more about your rights or the rights of your loved ones who may be facing charges of domestic violence, contact a dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyer such as Charlie Naegle in Mesa Arizona. Mr. Naegle will consult with you regarding the details of your case and work to either have the charges dropped or lessened.

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