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Fighting Arizona Prescription Fraud


Punishment and penalties of prescription fraud in Arizona include crimes involving the illegal use or sale of prescription drugs. These drugs are often deemed just as harmful as other illegal substances such as marijuana or narcotics. The crimes associated with prescription drugs are just as serious as those associated with other drugs and in Arizona, the punishment is aggressive.

There are several crimes that can be tied to prescription fraud. Doctors can be found guilty of writing prescriptions for recreational use of their patients instead of their intended use. Often, those who have used prescription drugs legally become addicted and will resort to breaking the law in order to sustain their habit. Prescription forms are forged and falsified in order to obtain more of the drug. This can also lead to illegally selling or transporting prescription drugs.

If you or a loved one are facing charges of prescription fraud, it’s crucial that you enlist the services of an experienced drug crime attorney as soon as possible. Because the penalties for these crimes are severe, any help your attorney can provide can save you money in fees and time spent in prison.

From the time you are first arrested and charged, an attorney can be present to help you answer questions appropriately. The attorney’s knowledge and experience will play a major role in how the case proceeds and how certain charges are assessed.

Charlie Naegle, Defense Attorney from Mesa Arizona can help you in this situation. He will review your situation carefully and help to determine which legal options would work best for you case.

Remember, prescription fraud charges are considered a felony in Arizona and carry with them steep penalties if you are found guilty. Not only will you be facing serious fines, mandatory drug rehabilitation classes and prison time, but such a conviction on your record can also make it extremely difficult to find employment or housing in the future.

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