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Changing Justice Systems for Youth


Many states are beginning to make changes in justice systems for youth as they recognize that youths have developmental differences from adults. They are now realizing that these youths may still possess great potential for rehabilitation. These factors are now being taken into account during the sentencing stage.

According to Jessica Sandoval, Vice President of Campaign For Youth Justice, over the last eight years, 23 states have enacted 40 pieces of legislation to reduce the prosecution of youths in adult criminal courts. These laws have also reduced the placement of youths in jails and prisons.

For example, Arizona is one of eleven states that have changed their transfer laws, making it more likely that juveniles will stay in justice systems for youth.

These types of changes are happening across the country as more and more evidence points to what really works to reduce juvenile crime. Studies and reports show that rehabilitation and treatment tend to lead to better results than incarceration. This is also in line with public opinion, which strongly favors rehabilitation and treatment over jail or prison time.

Having the best possible representation by an experienced Arizona Defense Attorney can make all the difference for a youth offender. Charlie Naegle has worked with youth offenders in the past and his knowledge of the legal system has helped to secure the right type of rehabilitation.

Contact our offices today to set up a consultation. Let Charlie review your case and go to work for you to make sure you receive the best possible outcome.

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