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Underage Drinking DUI Attorney Arizona


The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was recently awarded a $20k grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, which will enable officers to receive overtime pay to crack down on Underage Drinking. In related news, with ASU and its large student population, the City of Tempe is also ramping up efforts to curb underage drinking and recently revised an ordinance known as ‘Nuisance Parties and Unlawful Gatherings’. The ordinance holds adults responsible for serving alcohol to underage children (other than their own), according to local media outlets. Both Tempe and ASU Police Departments routinely target apartment complexes in Tempe for underage drinkers, particularly if they’ve received multiple complaints from a specific complex.

If you (or your child) have been charged with Underage Drinking, Minor in Possession/Minor in Consumption of Alcohol, Public Intoxication, False ID, Underage DUI or any other violations related to Underage Drinking, you may be able to defend your charge in court. The consequences can be significant and leave a permanent mark on your criminal record so you should seek the advice of counsel to determine your legal options. Penalties associated with Underage Drinking/Underage DUI related violations can include, jail time, community work service, alcohol classes and treatment, license suspension, fees/fines, and even possible suspension or expulsion from school and/or athletic teams. It is critical that you understand the consequences of the charges you are facing and seek the advice of counsel before making any decisions in your case. Some of the legal factors a defense attorney will explore include, determining whether you actually violated any city or state law; whether the arresting agency followed the law; whether or not your conduct constitutes a criminal violation and whether you have any other legal, factual or procedural defense in your case. Contact the Firm today for a free evaluation of your case.

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