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Tempe Underage Drinking Enforcement Campaign DUI Attorney Arizona


The AZ republic reported 270 alcohol-related arrests as a result of Tempe Youth Alcohol Enforcement campaign. This campaign targets underage drinking and drunk driving in Tempe. ASU campus police, the Tempe Police Department, and other state law enforcement agencies started the campaign in hopes of reducing DUI violations and other crimes associated with it such as disorderly conduct, violence, and disturbance of the peace. These are some of the minor incidences compared to injury, or even fatal auto collisions, along with other criminal violations. So far, the Tempe Youth Alcohol Enforcement has been responsible for 184 underage drinking/minor in consumption arrests, 45 possession of alcohol by a minor arrests, 1 aggravated DUI arrest, 2 DUI under 21 arrests, 17 DUI arrests, and 9 arrests for providing alcohol to minors. The enforcement campaign will conclude the first week of May, after ASU graduation ceremonies/parties and police will be highly visible in downtown Tempe and patrolling throughout the city during this time.

If you (or your child) have been charged with underage drinking, minor in possession, minor in consumption of alcohol, public intoxication, false identification, DUI, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, or any other violation relating to underage drinking, you need to defend these charges in court. The consequences can be significant and leave a permanent mark on your criminal record so it is critical to seek the advice of counsel to determine your legal options before you make any decisions regarding your case. Charlie Naegle is a MesaDUI lawyer who knows and understands DUI law in Arizona. It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible when charged with any DUI crimes. If you’re facing DUI charges in Mesa Arizona, it is still possible to escape punishment or have the charges significantly reduced through the help of a capable Criminal Defense Attorney.

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