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Work Options When Serving a DUI Jail Sentence


"If I am sentenced to jail time after a DUI, what options do I have with work?"

A lot of people who receive DUIs in Arizona have full-time jobs. They are often good people without a prior criminal record who can’t believe they were caught driving under the influence. One of the penalties of a DUI in Arizona is jail time. So what do these people tell their employers when they have to miss work to serve their jail sentence? What are the work options when serving a DUI jail sentence?

One of the many benefits of having an experienced Arizona DUI defense attorney on your side is the possibility of your DUI case resulting in a plea agreement. A DUI defense attorney should always attempt to negotiate with the prosecution regarding alternatives to jail time. In some courts, these alternatives may include:

  • Work Release – May leave jail to go to work but must return to jail at night.
  • Work Furlough – Allows you to keep your job and go to work during the day with stricter restrictions than the work release.
  • Home Arrest – Allows you to stay at home while wearing an ankle bracelet that will detect if the house perimeter is breached.
  • City Jail – An alternative to county jail and is often cleaner and less crowded.
  • Drug or Alcohol Treatment Program

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