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DUI Attorney Arizona - Every Case Can Be Defended


When it comes to DUI, Arizona has some of the toughest, most severe penalties in the nation. But, remember this, EVERY Arizona DUI case can be defended in court. The key is really in hiring the right Arizona DUI attorney that is successful, aggressive and experienced in defending DUI cases in Arizona.

Possible DUI defenses in Arizona include:

  • Unveiling misleading police reports
  • No cause for arrest
  • No reason police stop should have been made
  • Miranda Rights violated
  • Right to Counsel violated
  • Validity of a search warrant
  • Below .08% BAC at the time of stop (retrograde extrapolation)
  • No actual physical control of the vehicle

These are all possible DUI defenses in Arizona but unfortunately it’s not as simple as walking into court claiming one of these defenses. You need evidence. Proof. You need to be armed and prepared and a DUI Attorney Arizona will make sure your case is defended properly and that your rights as a individual are protected and maintained.

If you need to speak to an attorney about the issues related to a DUI arrest in Arizona, call now for a free, 24/7 DUI consultation with Charlie Naegle (DUI attorney Arizona). Call 480-245-5550 for immediate service or use the form below and someone from the firm will be in touch with you shortly. When you hire Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, you work directly with Charlie Naegle. Work with a firm who treats you like an individual, not a number.

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