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Define Assault - Assault Lawyers Mesa AZ



Under Arizona law, assault is a very broad term. It can be used to describe a simple threat where the victim only feared potential violence and it can also be used when actual bodily harm was inflicted on another person against their consent. Because of this broad range, potential criminal sentencing varies greatly as well. You could be facing a prison sentence or a simple one-time fine.

"Misdemeanor Assault"

In Arizona, simple assaults or misdemeanor assaults include crimes that involve threats of harm, touching someone with the intent to cause injury, or actually causing injury to someone without their consent. Arizona sentences for misdemeanor assaults include up to 6 months in jail and fines up to $2,500.

"Aggravated Assault"

Aggravated assault charges should never be taken lightly. They are way more serious in nature and charges than those of simple, misdemeanor assaults. Assaults are deemed “aggravated” when one or more of these occur:

  • Assault results in serious physical injury or causes disfigurement or fracture
  • Assault is committed with a deadly weapon
  • The victim is bound or restrained
  • Assault is committed after entering a private residence
  • The victim is a police officer, guard, firefighter, teacher, medical professional or prosecutor

Aggravated assaults can range from a Class 6 Felony to Class 3 Felony. First offenses can get you probation or up to 2 years in prison on the Class 6 Felony. Sentencing ranges go up from there depending on the class of felony and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Get help from an attorney experienced in defending assault charges. The sentences you are facing require a qualified defense strategy that will defend your rights and tell your side of the story.

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