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Super Extreme DUI in Arizona


DUI Attorney in Mesa, AZ

Super Extreme DUI is an increased DUI charge based on an excessively high blood alcohol concentration (BAC). In Arizona, if your BAC is found to be .20% or above, then you could be charged with a Super Extreme DUI. Courts take these charges very seriously.

Are you facing a Super Extreme DUI charge? Contact experienced DUI attorney Charlie Naegle immediately to assist you against these charges. He has the knowledge and experience your DUI case needs.

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Penalties for Super Extreme DUI in Arizona

  • Up to 180 days in jail.
  • Over $3,000 in fines and fees.
  • Maximum of 5 years’ probation.
  • Suspension or possible revocation of your driver’s license.
  • At least 30 hours of community service.
  • Ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle.
  • Successful completion of drug/alcohol treatment.
  • Further penalties depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.

If you are facing these charges, contact Naegle Law Firm now for a free, anytime, anywhere consultation. We take the time to ensure you are completely informed and will thoroughly investigate your case and fight for a dismissal or reduction of the charges against you.

Hire a Dedicated Mesa DUI Lawyer

Charlie Naegle understands what is at stake and that you may lose your driving privileges and even your job. Don’t let these charges affect your future. Talk to Mr. Naegle about what he can do to represent you and make sure your story is heard.

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