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Arizona’s Drug Diversion Program


Help for Minors from Our Mesa Drug Crime Attorney

Arizona offers a unique Drug Diversion Program (DDP) to juveniles charged with drug possession and who have a clean criminal record. The purpose of the DDP is to allow youths to set themselves back on the right track of a drug-free life without carrying the burden of a conviction at such a young age. Without the DDP, a juvenile and their parent or guardian could be penalized with legal heavy consequences.

If your child has been accused of a drug crime in Arizona, call (480) 245-5550 to connect with Naegle Law Firm. If it appears that traditional litigation will not help your child due to overwhelming direct evidence against them, we can determine if the Drug Diversion Program is an available alternative. Start your case now and learn your legal options by requesting a free initial consultation with Mesa criminal defense attorney Charlie Naegle.

How the Drug Diversion Program Works

Juveniles accused of nonviolent drug crimes can use the Drug Diversion Program to avoid time spent in a juvenile detention center, where they could have been exposed to individuals convicted of more dangerous crimes. The DDP begins with extensive drug counseling to warn the child of the inherent hazards of drug use. The child will be assigned a diversion officer who they must meet with regularly for 6 months to 2 years, depending on the severity of the charges. If they pass all drug tests during this time and the program is completed, the charges may be dropped against the juvenile without ever turning into a conviction.

The Judicial Branch of Arizona states that the purpose of the DDP is to:

  • Reduce illegal drug use among juveniles
  • Allow accused juveniles to develop helpful life skills
  • Educate parents and family members about drug abuse risks
  • Teach the juvenile the importance of community responsibility
  • Protect the juvenile’s name by avoiding conviction
  • Establish a clean, sober support group for aftercare options

Utilizing the Drug Diversion Program to Your Benefit

There are certainly bright benefits to using Arizona’s Drug Diversion Program; no parent wants their child to become addicted to a dangerous and illegal substance. Obtaining those benefits depends on whether or not you can convince the court that your child deserves that chance. Allow our Mesa juvenile crime lawyer to represent you and build a case that protects your child’s best interests.

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