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Sexual Misconduct with a Minor


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Sexual misconduct with a minor is defined as a sexual act with someone 14 years of age or younger. This includes oral sexual contact, vaginal or anal penetration, and masturbation but excludes touching. Sex with a minor is one of the most serious criminal offenses in the state of Arizona, second only to murder in the first degree. If you have been accused of sexual misconduct with a minor or statutory rape, contact Naegle Law Firm as soon as possible.

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Defenses to Sexual Misconduct with a Minor & Statutory Rape Charges

Remember, a person who is under the age of 15 cannot legally consent to sexual intercourse. Additionally, under Arizona law, a person between the ages of 15 and 18 also cannot legally give consent. This means that if you engaged in sexual conduct with someone between the ages of 15 and 18, you could face criminal charges—even if you believed the conduct was consensual. This is known as statutory rape.

If you are accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, there are several potential defenses available to you:

  • The alleged sexual act did not, in fact, occur
  • The sexual act did occur, but you were not the one who committed the act

Being unaware that the minor was under 15 years of age is not a defense. Additionally, there is no probation for those convicted of sexual misconduct with a minor.

For those accused of statutory rape, you may be able to employ one of the following defenses:

  • You did not know that the other person was under the age of 18
  • You are less than 2 years (24 months) older than the minor and the act was consensual
  • You and the minor in questions are married

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Even if you believe that you are merely under investigation for a sex crime, it is crucial that you talk to a lawyer right away. Working with an attorney is your right and it cannot be used against you as evidence that you are guilty.

If you are accused of sexual misconduct with a minor, sex with a minor, or statutory rape, reach out to our firm as soon as possible. Our Mesa sex crimes lawyer has over 13 years of criminal defense experience and a proven track record of favorable results. We can help you ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

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