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Mesa Child Pornography Lawyer


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Child pornography, also called the sexual exploitation of a minor, is a very serious criminal charge. Under Arizona law, you face a minimum of ten years in prison for each picture of child porn you are convicted of possessing. A sex crime against a child is unique to any other criminal charge. Besides the criminal penalties you face, you also face the stigma placed on you by society. You’ll need a Mesa child pornography attorney to help defend you against these charges.

Unlike other crimes, you enter into a child pornography case with an unfair presumption of guilt. To combat this accusation, you need the experience of Charlie Naegle from Naegle Law Firm.

During a child pornography investigation and trial, the use of computer forensics and psychologists is important. The state needs to prove you actually possessed and opened a child pornography file on your computer. We employ highly credible experts in computer forensics to analyze your computer to determine when and if the file was ever opened and viewed by you. We will stand by you throughout the entire process to give you guidance and much needed support.

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