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Protect Your Teens from Underage DUI


Each year, hundreds of underage teenage drinkers are arrested and punished according to Arizona’s no-tolerance DUI laws. Penalties for such crimes are stiff and can have long-lasting effects in the lives of both the offenders and their families.

As parents, there is nothing worse than seeing your child have to face legal troubles early on in their lives. It’s natural to want to protect your child from bad decisions and tough consequences. Unfortunately, some parents fail to take action to protect their children until it is too late.

There are some important steps parents can take that will help their teenagers avoid alcohol-related crimes and protect them from circumstances that can have a negative impact on their lives. Here are some ideas:

Talk to Your Teenagers About Alcohol

This is probably one of the most important steps parents can take to help protect their teenagers, but it is often the most overlooked. Parents don’t realize just how crucial the communication they have with their children is. By openly discussing the dangers of underage drinking, including the decision to drive while intoxicated, you are educating your children and setting the right expectation.

Host Alcohol-Free Activities and Events

You can encourage your teenagers to avoid trouble with alcohol by hosting parties and other events at your home or another safe environment. This might include a game night or movie night where teenagers can still get together and socialize, but without the presence of alcohol. These types of activities help set an example for your teenagers and show them that they can still have fun without alcohol.

Get to Know Other Parents

How many of your teenager’s friends’ parents do you know? How well do you know them? Do they share your same thoughts when it comes to teenagers and alcohol? You can help to create a great support system when you are willing to reach out and get to know some of the parents of the kids your teenager is hanging out with. When parents know each other and are in communication with one another, they can help each other stay on the lookout for potential pitfalls for their teens.

Do Not Allow Your Teen’s Friends to Bring Alcohol to Your Home

When you set a standard in your home and then stick to it, not only are you sending a message to your kids, but also to their friends. By not allowing your teenager’s friends to bring alcohol in your home, you are not only helping to provide a safe environment, but also setting a strong example to any and all teens at your home.

Underage DUI Attorney – Charlie Naegle

No matter how hard we try as parents, there may still be situations that arise when a teenager gets involved in an alcohol-related crime. If this happens to you, remember that there are still things you can do to help minimize the effects and get your teen back on track as quickly as possible.

Remember that it is very important to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in your corner as soon as possible. An attorney that has successfully represented juveniles in the court system before, like Charlie Naegle, can in having charges dropped or penalties minimized.

To find out how Mr. Naegle can help you and your teenager, call the offices of Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys today at 480-378-9000.

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