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What it Means to Be a Convicted Sex Offender in Arizona


According to federal law and Arizona state law, individuals who are convicted of certain types of sex crimes must register with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS). While a majority of people understand that sex offender registration can have negative effects, many are unaware of just how devastating this can be to a person’s livelihood and ability to move on with their life.

Sex offender registration involves providing one’s address, place of work, description, license plate number, vehicle description, and aliases to the AZDPS to be placed on a social “blacklist” of sorts. This information is added to a public registry which can be viewed by members of the public, allowing them to identify individuals with histories of sexual crimes located within their vicinity. Different offenses will result in different risk levels and directly impact the length of a person’s required registration. Higher-risk offenders such as violent sexual predators are often required to register for life and are prohibited from living near schools or day care facilities.

Sex offender registration can result from a conviction of any of the following offenses:

Registration as a sex offender can forever tarnish a person’s reputation and force them to live life under intense scrutiny – even after they have served their sentence. In addition, registration can bring automatic disqualification from certain jobs and destroy one’s personal relationships.

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