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A Dip in Extreme DUIs in 2015


When compared to previous years, the total number of DUI arrests in the state of Arizona has made a definite decline in 2015. According to a report just released from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, 24,674 DUI arrests have been made from January 1st of this year through December 27th. This is significantly lower than the arrests made over the 3 previous years:

  • 2014 – 29,250 arrests
  • 2013 – 31,891 arrests
  • 2012 – 32,174 arrests.

Not only were overall DUI arrests down, but those for alleged extreme DUI also dropped significantly from 8,414 in 2014 to 6,742 so far in 2015. An extreme DUI is one in which the blood alcohol concentration is at .15 or higher.

While overall arrests were definitely down, there is some concern with the fact that the average known BAC levels rose from .152 in 2014 to .158 this year.

These statistics were just released and there has been very little commentary regarding the obvious decrease in arrests. The state of Arizona has been known for many years now to have a very harsh DUI policy. Laws are tough and punishment for a DUI conviction is heavy.

In Arizona, there are specific laws and punishments for those who are arrested and convicted of Extreme DUI or Super Extreme DUI. The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration or BAC in Arizona to operate a motor vehicle is .08%. An Extreme DUI is one where the driver had a BAC of .15 or higher. A Super Extreme DUI is one where a BAC of .20 is found.

The court and the prosecution are very aggressive for both extreme and super extreme DUI’s. Potential penalties include the following:

  • Driver’s license suspended for at least 1 year
  • Up to 180 days in jail
  • Over $3000 in fines and fees
  • Up to 5 years on probation
  • 30 hours of community service or more
  • Ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle
  • Court ordered participation and completion of drug/alcohol treatment

Are these new numbers released by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety an indication that our state’s harsh stance against DUI is working? Is the message getting through to the public resulting in fewer DUI arrests?

It’s important to keep in mind that not every DUI arrest will automatically result in a conviction. If you are facing DUI charges, it’s crucial that you get in touch with an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible.

Attorney Charlie Naegle has handled hundreds of DUI cases before and can help you successfully beat your DUI charges. Call Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys today at 480-378-9000.

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