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Does a Winning Cardinals Season Contribute to DUI Incidents?


The Arizona Cardinals are on a tear this season with a current record of 11-2. With 3 games left in the regular season, they’ve already clinched a playoff spot and are looking to be a serious contender for the Super Bowl.

It’s always great to see Arizona sports teams excel at both the professional and collegiate levels. Arizona has a loyal and rowdy fan base that is sure to get caught up in the spirit of winning. It doesn’t matter whether you’re able to attend a Cardinals game in person or not. There are hundreds of gatherings across town in bars, restaurants and in homes where groups of Cardinals fans root for the home team.

Many of these gatherings include alcohol, which can definitely lead to potential DUI’s. The question is, which contributes to more post-game DUI’s – a Cardinals win or loss? When your team wins, are you more likely to celebrate with another drink or 2? Or does a loss require a couple more drinks to drown out the sorrow?

While there’s no real scientific proof of how a win or loss affects the DUI rates of any community, there are some things that those who drink while watching sports should consider. Just being aware of some of the following facts can help you avoid a DUI arrest:

More Police on Duty

It’s probably pretty obvious that law enforcement is heavy before, during and after any sports event. You will definitely see more police around in the general proximity of the location the event took place, but also at other major gathering places. As the Cardinals continue to win and head into the playoffs, you can expect law enforcement to beef up their patrols.

Football and the Holidays

The holiday season is sort of a double-whammy for football fans. Not only are there playoff and bowl games happening throughout the month of December and January, but alcohol is much more likely to be served at holiday gatherings and parties. We already know that Arizona law enforcement is planning on performing more patrols during the holiday season (see here). If you’re celebrating this Cardinals winning streak too much, you could be on the fast track to a DUI.

Easier To Drink Too Much at House Parties

You definitely want to pay closer attention to how much you have to drink when you’re at watching the game at home or at a friend’s home. Most people agree that, because it’s cheaper and more accessible, it’s easier to drink too much in the comfort of your home. Having to pay a higher price for drinks at a sports bar or restaurant can deter you from drinking over a certain limit. It’s important that you plan for a designated driver if you’ll be drinking at house party.

No matter what, if you are pulled over for DUI on your way home from a Cardinals game or party, remember that it is very important to call an attorney as soon as possible. DUI attorney Charlie Naegle has successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases and is ready to help you. Call 480-378-9000 if you are pulled over for DUI.

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