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The Draw of Famous DUI's


News has recently surfaced of former NFL star Donovan McNabb’s DUI arrest that occurred late last month in Gilbert. Police were called to the scene of a non-injury collision on June 28th at 11:35 pm where they came in contact with McNabb and determined he was driving while impaired.

This is McNabb’s second DUI in the last couple of years. He previously served 1 day in jail back in April 2014 and paid a $1500 fine for a DUI charge he plead guilty to.

Phoenix is no stranger to reports of famous athletes and celebrities being charged with DUI. It seems that every couple of months or so, a new story emerges about a DUI that involves someone famous. These “famous DUI’s” are all over the news for days on end often make their way into national news.

Seeing the attention that these celebrity DUI’s receive begs the question of why our society is so easily caught up in news about the mistakes and downfalls of famous people. In McNabb’s case, we could go for months or years not hearing a word about his day-to-day life or how he spends his time. But as soon as he is hit with a DUI, he’s back in the national spotlight.

Same Charges?

One reason we might find ourselves drawn into the details of a DUI that involves a celebrity is because we want to find out if they are going to have to face the same charges that anyone else would under the same circumstances. Do the police treat the person different because they are famous? Are they intimidated by their status? Will smaller offenses that occurred at the same time as a DUI be overlooked?

Same Punishment?

Arizona is known for its very strict DUI laws. A second DUI arrest and conviction brings with it a heavier punishment, including several days in jail and a required ignition interlock system for the offender’s car. Will Mr. McNabb incur the same punishment as anyone else would for a 2nd DUI? Will his celebrity status get him special treatment in the eyes of the court? Celebrities and famous athletes may have an easier time paying fines than someone who isn’t a celebrity. Are they able to avoid jail time by paying a higher fine?

While corrupt court systems and bribing cops may be the stuff of Hollywood, the truth is, Mr. McNabb will almost certainly face the same charges and penalties that anyone else would when it comes to his DUI. Just like everyone else, he will need to appear before a judge and plead guilty or not guilty, and he stands his best chance by having an experienced DUI attorney at his side.

Arizona doesn’t mess around when it comes to DUI and everyone involved including police, judges, and prosecutors take it very seriously. If you are facing DUI charges, you need an experienced DUI attorney who takes it just as seriously. Call defense attorney Charlie Naegle for help with your DUI case.

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