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Prescription Drug DUI


If you’ve ever looked closely at the side of your prescription bottle, the label may have listed “May Cause Drowsiness” as a common side effect and warning. Other prescription labels warn, “Be careful when driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery”. Ignoring these cautions has caused quite a few drivers to be surprised to find that they have been pulled over and arrested for DUI, simply for taking their daily medications. In fact, in 2011, Arizona was the 6th highest state for prescription drug abuse. If you or someone you know has been charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs, contact Charlie Naegle immediately. You will need the help of experienced Gilbert Prescription Drug DUI attorney Charlie Naegle to reduce and even drop your charges altogether.

Gilbert Prescription Drug DUI attorney Charlie Naegle has had many recent successful cases where his clients’ DUI charges were fully acquitted and the defendant was given a clean slate. Whether you have been wrongfully arrested or were simply unaware of the dangers of driving under the influence of your prescription medications, Charlie Naegle is in your court and he’ll fight to protect your rights and freedoms.

Many people take daily supplements and prescription medications that can impair their driving without even knowing they are putting themselves and others at risk. Some prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as recreational drug use when it comes to driving. If an officer pulls you over for careless driving, he/she may ask you to take a breath or chemical test. Refusing to take either test will result in your arrest because of Arizona’s Implied Consent Law. If you are ever asked to take a breath, blood, or urine test, whether you are guilty or not, ask to speak with your Gilbert Prescription Drug DUI attorney immediately. Take advantage of Charlie Naegle’s free phone consultation to learn more about how to act in these situations.

Hiring Gilbert Prescription Drug DUI Attorney Charlie Naegle

Arizona Prescription Drug DUI cases can be messy, complicated, and time consuming. Judiciaries will require personal documents, sensitive medical information, and records of medical history and conditions. Having a knowledgeable and practiced Gilbert Prescription Drug DUI attorney to help you through the process and defend your good name will make a tremendous impact on your experience. Hiring Charlie Naegle as your defense attorney is absolutely necessary in order to reduce or dismiss the case against you and help get your life back to normal.

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