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Who is eligible for the Arizona Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision (JIPS) program?


Since 1987, the Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision (JIPS) program has been available as an alternative sentence for juvenile offenders. The JIPS program provides intensive supervision to many Arizona juveniles who might otherwise have been removed from their home.

The program allows juvenile offenders to avoid spending time in overcrowded prisons while still holding them accountable through intense probation requirements.

Candidates for the JIPS program include Juvenile Offenders who:

  • Are already committed to the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections program
  • In need of a highly structured program that emphasizes surveillance, education, work and home detention where they are consistently supervised
  • Have received judgment for a second felony
  • Show signs of or are considered to be at high risk of committing other crimes

Ultimately, a judge makes the decision on whether the offender will be placed in the JIPS program. A decision is made based on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Reports from the offender’s current Probation Officer will also be considered as the judge makes his/her decision.

It’s important that, if you’re eligible for the JIPS program, you have an experienced Juvenile Attorney representing you through the hearing process. Charlie Naegle is just such an attorney. His years of defending juvenile offenders make him an excellent choice to represent you or your child.

Don’t take the chance of representing yourself. Mr. Naegle will work with you and the judge to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

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