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Juvenile Crime By the Numbers


The last few decades have seen an increase of crimes throughout the U.S. committed by those under the age of 18. These Juvenile Delinquents or troubled teens have become a growing concern by displaying disturbing abnormal or illegal behavior.

This has led to stricter penalties in the justice system, especially for those juveniles who are previous offenders. It’s also led to more proactive intervention measures by schools, families, churches, community groups and other organizations in society.

There are a few key factors that seem to have led to this increase of juvenile offenders in the United States. Among the most important of these factors is the dynamics of the family. Statistics show that children who have a distant or fractured relationship with one or both parents are more likely to show disruptive behavior. Additionally, youth who have little or no supervision tend to show more signs of trouble and rebellion.

In a 2008 report, the following statistical data was released showing the percentage of juvenile involvement in the following crimes:

  • 16% of all violent crime arrests, 12% of all cleared
  • 26% of all property crime arrests, 18% of all cleared
  • 11% (1,740) of all murder victims were juveniles, with more than a third (38%) under the age of 5 years
  • A juvenile murder arrest rate of 3.8 arrests per 100,000 juveniles ages 10 through 17 – a 17% increase than the 2004 low of 3.3, but 74% less than the 1993 peak of 14.4
  • Juvenile arrests for aggravated assault decreased more for males than for females (22% vs. 17%) between the years 1999 and 2008 – a time period during which juvenile male arrests for simple assault dropped 6% and female arrests rose12%
  • African American youth were involved in 52% of juvenile Violent Crime Index arrests and 33% of juvenile Property Crime Index arrests, yet made up only 16% of the youth population aged 10–17 years; and arrest rates for those arrests falling under the Violent Crime Index in 2008 were significantly lower than the rates in the 1994 peak year for every age group under 40.

(Source: Charles Puzzanchera, Juvenile Arrests 2008, OJJDP and FBI URC).

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