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Theft at the Gym in Phoenix, Arizona


A man and a woman were recently arrested in Glendale, Arizona on suspicions of burglary and theft at health and fitness clubs throughout the Valley. The couple was suspected of breaking into lockers and stealing the possessions of the gym’s patrons.

Investigators and multiple police departments across the Valley worked together in identifying the possible suspects and had been on their trail for a while. They had photos of the pair that were released in hopes that it would lead to their apprehension.

During an undercover operation, detectives observed the woman break into a locker and steal a purse. From there, both the man and woman burglarized the victim’s car and used a stolen credit car at a local store.

Authorities now say they have linked the pair to over 20 other burglaries in the Phoenix area.

When arrested, the man was in possession of a handgun. This could lead to more charges. Both suspects have now confessed their crimes and have been charged with multiple counts of felony burglary.

Facing theft or burglary charges in the state of Arizona requires immediate action. It’s important to contact aCriminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible. Depending on the value of the property taken during the theft, the consequences can vary significantly. In some cases, probation is available. In others, the sentence can be up to 35 years of incarceration.

You need an attorney at your side through every step of the process. As details unfold, additional charges can be added and you’ll want legal representation there to protect your rights at every turn.

If you have been accused of theft, contact us today. We can use our years of experience to help prove your innocence. We are dedicated to providing individuals and juveniles with the best possible defense for the theft charges. Experienced criminal theft attorney Charlie Naegle will fight to get you results.

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