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4 Ways to Avoid Driving Under the Influence


Anyone who drinks will be faced with the decision to drive while they are impaired, at some point in their life. Every time this choice surfaces the answer should be easy… Say no. However, statistics show over 1.4 million people are arrested for driving under the influence every year. Here are a few easy ways to combat driving when you are impaired:

1. Have a responsible designated driver

Sometimes it is as easy as asking one of your friends to be the designated driver for the evening. When out with a group of friends it is common for people to draw straws, play paper rock scissors, or flip a coin to decide who the designated driver for the night will be. At any rate assigning the designated driver before the party begins is crucial. Responsible drivers will care more about the lives of their friends than a crazy night on the town. Plan ahead and think about who will drive.

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