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Expungement in Arizona - Glendale Expungement Attorney


What is Expungement?

Expungement is the process of removing arrests and criminal charges from a person’s record. In Arizona this is referred to as “a motion to set aside judgment”. People with a criminal record who were never actually convicted for the charges against them could be eligible for expungement. Once a criminal record is expunged, it disappears off of your record, as if it never happened. It is important to consult an attorney to find out more about Expungement in Arizona.

Why would I want a criminal record expunged?

A criminal record can have negative social, financial and professional repercussions. Employers and landlords often ask if you have been involved in any criminal activity. Answering “yes” to this type of question could cost you a job or housing opportunity.

What crimes or convictions does Arizona law prohibit from being expunged?

Crimes that caused serious injury or in which a deadly weapon was used, involve anything of a sexual nature, put a child under the age of 15 in harm’s way or include driving violations received with a suspended license are not eligible for expungement in Arizona.

What is the expungement process?

There are some specific requirements or criteria for eligibility for expungement that must be met before taking your expungement case to court – the first step is to find a qualified Glendale Expungement Attorney. Charlie Naegle, a successful AZ Attorney and can help you review the process and possible steps to getting your record expunged. Charlie will work hard to help you understand your options and will fight to have your record cleared.

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