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Are You Aware of the New DUI Laws? - Gilbert DUI Attorney


Arizona DUI Laws have changed over time and as of January 1, 2012, there are a few adjustments in effect that could make your sentence easier than before. However, unless you consult an experienced Gilbert DUI Attorney, you may not get the lighter sentencing and opportunities you deserve. Here is a brief overview of some changes implemented in AZ DUI Laws as of 1/1/12.

  1. Jail Time – Interpretation of jail time requirements as well as “house arrest” options have been changed. Charlie Naegle is a dedicated Gilbert DUI Attorney that will help you obtain the least amount of jail time possible.
  2. Interlock Ignition Device – Usage of the device and the amount of time you are required to use the device can vary depending on your case and penalties. It is important to discuss the requirements for this with your DUI Attorney.
  3. Work Release – The maximum work release days per week is now 6, instead of 5. The proper paperwork and eligibility criteria must be met for this option.

If you have been arrested for or charged with DUI, contact Gilbert DUI Attorney Charlie Naegle right away. He is aggressive and will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you, in light of the changes to AZ DUI Laws.

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