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Tempe police and city officials are working hard to decrease crime rates and prevent criminal behavior in Tempe, AZ. In recent years, crime rates and gang activity have increased in this city that was once a center of fun and entertainment for residents of the Phoenix area. Over the past 2 years, in fact, crime rates in Tempe have been higher than those in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Tempe Crime Snapshot – 2011

  • Over 9,800 reported criminal arrests
  • 1,400+ of those arrests were for violent or dangerous crimes
  • Police responded to 152,392 police calls
  • 34,238 incident reports taken by police
  • 6,045 in-depth criminal investigations conducted in Tempe

Increased efforts by police in Tempe include implementation of new technology, increased officer training, concentrated police presence in high crime areas, and more DUI and safety checkpoints in the area. Tempe police are also working with city officials and the general public to educate and raise awareness of criminal dangers and prevention.

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