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5 Things You May Not Know About Domestic Violence in Arizona

1) Domestic Violence in Arizona doesn’t only apply or occur between spouses. Violence against any of the following people could also be considered “domestic violence”:

  • Your child’s parent
  • A woman pregnant with your child
  • Roommates
  • Grandparents and any other relatives
  • Significant Other

2) Police officers responding to a domestic violence situation do not need to witness the violent act in order to arrest somebody for domestic violence.

  • If an officer has probably cause that violence occurred, they have the right to make an arrest and can use their own discretion to determine who is at fault and should be arrested.

3) Domestic Violence doesn’t always involve physically violent actions.

  • A person can be arrested for domestic violence for threats, harassment, criminal damage, trespassing, kidnapping or disorderly conduct

4) Penalties for domestic violence can be severe and can have long-term affects on your life.

  • Possible penalties include jail time, fines, domestic violence, drug or alcohol treatment programs and/or probation.

5) Regardless of domestic violence accusations, you still have rights and deserve to be protected and defended.

  • Charlie Naegle is an experienced AZ Defense Attorney. Charlie is dedicated to guiding his clients through their case and providing aggressive protection of their rights.

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