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4-year-old Brings Marijuana as Snack to School


Everybody knows that it is important to teach your child to share as they grow up. Sharing helps build friends, society and community relationship skills that help benefit our future. However sharing a weed stash isn’t what most elementary schools have in mind. It was definitely not what Hanover Elementary in Connecticut was expecting. One of their preschoolers wanted to pass around and share marijuana for snack time. When confronted by the teacher, the student responded by saying he wanted to share his snacks with everyone, and proceeded to pull 9 bags of marijuana out of his pocket. Shocked, the teacher reported it to the principal and then the school contacted authorities.

Meriden police say the individually wrapped bags of marijuana appeared to be weighed for sale. Authorities are not releasing the names of the student or parents as of yet and the incident is pending investigation. Hanover Elementary School claims this is an isolated and very rare case and protecting children against drugs is a high priority. Both the authorities and the Department of Children and Families are also looking into the matter.

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