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Phoenix Man Gets 6 Years Prison for Marijuana Flight


Luis Javier Rodriguez, 49-years-old, was sentenced to six years in federal prison after attempting to transport 140 kilograms of marijuana from Chandler, Arizona to Clark County, Indiana. Rodriguez planned to transport the marijuana by plane and distribute it in Indiana. In order to do so, he hired two pilots to move the marijuana without the pilots’ knowledge. Rodriguez described the packages to the pilots as “time sensitive documents and certificates” for his construction business. But what he didn’t tell them was they were actually transporting 140 kilograms of marijuana.

Marijuana Possession Arizona

Rodriguez delivered the documents (marijuana) directly to the plane himself in eight cardboard boxes and one duffel bag, not thinking much about it, the pilots helped him load the pot and flew it to the airport in Indiana. Once they landed in Indiana, they were approached by Federal agents that seized the marijuana and arrested Luis Javier Rodriguez.

Transportation and the distribution of dangerous drugs, drug trafficking, is a very serious offense in Arizona, likely because of the state’s close proximity to an international boarder. A prosecutor will attempt to prove that the drugs were transported for sale by using evidence such as the quantity of drugs, the way the drugs were packaged, the presence of scales or ledgers, or other relevant evidence.

Drug Possession Attorney

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