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Assault Lawyer In Mesa AZ


An accusation of assault or aggravated assault can bring serious criminal charges. Aggravated assault alone may be punishable by a term in prison, even for a first offense depending on the circumstances surrounding the battery case.

Mesa aggravated assault lawyer, Charlie Naegle, has experience representing clients facing all different types of assault charges. Aggravated assault charges oftentimes require a thorough defense investigation and Naegle has been successful in having the charges dismissed, not filed at all, or gaining a significant reduction of the charges.

The following circumstances may cause you to face enhanced penalties of aggravated assault:

  • Use of a dangerous instrument such as knives, bats, sticks, bottles, vehicles or anything that can or may be used against the victim that may cause serious injury.
  • Use of a deadly weapon such as a handgun, rifle or even a pellet/BB gun.
  • Imposing serious bodily injury such as broken bones or other injuries.

Naegle Law Firm will exhaust all possible defenses to minimize the impact of a conviction or even get the charges dismissed. Some defenses for assault can include: self-defense, necessity, lack of evidence or weapon, or defense of a third person.

If you have been charged with assault or believe that you may be under investigation, contact us today. We can help ensure your rights are not violated and that you receive the best possible defense for these charges against you.

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