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Do I Really Need an Attorney for a DUI Charge?


When it’s the first time you’ve been charged with DUI, you might feel like there’s no point in fighting the charges against you. It’s easy to believe that the legal process already in place is set in stone and that there’s nothing you can do to avoid a conviction and the sentence that follows.

The truth is, unless you’re involved in the Arizona legal system on a regular basis, you probably aren’t aware of the various defenses and loopholes that can drastically change your case. Even if you can’t avoid a conviction altogether, there are ways to have some charges dropped and sentences lightened when you work with an experienced Mesa DUI attorney.


It’s common for first time DUI offenders to choose to plead guilty because they have never been involved in a DUI case before. They might look at the evidence against them, including test results showing a BAC at over .11 or the testimony of the arresting officer, and feel that they have no real recourse. It’s easy for a person in this situation to think that it’s better if they just plead guilty and get the whole thing over with as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that the legal system is designed to make you feel this way. Prosecutors, law enforcement agencies and even the court itself are hoping you will simply plead guilty so they can move forward with sentencing.

You might be surprised to see what a Mesa DUI attorney can do in a DUI case to have charges dismissed and sentences changed. For example, depending on your BAC level, there may be some question as to how and when the test was conducted and how accurately the results were read.


There’s no doubt that most judges will typically hand down a routine sentence when it comes to DUI, especially for first time DUI offenses. However, an experienced Mesa DUI attorney has the skill and knowledge to sway the court in the sentencing process. There are many instances when a plea bargain can be extremely beneficial in helping the accused avoid long-term prison sentences.


If you’ve already been convicted of DUI in the past and are now involved in another DUI case, you definitely will want the help of an attorney. Now your case becomes more complicated and there are stiffer penalties involved. You’ll want to be sure that you have someone at your side who is very familiar with process so you don’t miss any opportunities that can benefit you.

For help defending your DUI charges, call Naegle Law Firm at (480) 245-5550. Charlie Naegle has successfully defended countless Mesa DUI cases as well as cases across the entire state of Arizona and can help you too. Consultations with a complete case review are free of charge and appointments are available immediately.

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