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DUI on Vacation? A Mesa DUI Lawyer can help!


Getting charged with a DUI while on vacation can definitely put a damper on an otherwise great trip. Arizona has one of the strictest drinking and driving policies in the United States. Unfortunately, many visitors don’t realize this. They think they’ll be able to get away with the excuse of “I’m fine to drive, I just had a few.” While officers in other states may let you off the hook, most Arizona drivers who have been drinking aren’t that lucky. That’s why Mesa DUI lawyer Charlie Naegle is here to help both locals and visitors get out of a tough legal bind and get their lives back on track.

Being arrested for DUI in a state you do not reside in presents unique legal challenges. The scenario will usually go something like this:

  1. You are pulled over, asked to perform roadside tests, and arrested for DUI if you fail any of the officer’s tests.
  2. You will likely go to jail, get booked, and hopefully post bail and return to your home state.

Back Home. What Now?

Your driver’s license is typically suspended at the time of your arrest. According to some state’s laws, this means that your privilege to drive just in the state of Arizona is revoked. In other states, it means your driving privilege in any state is revoked. To be safe, refrain from driving a vehicle until you have consulted with aMesa DUI lawyer and checked the laws in your home state.

Contact aMesa DUI Lawyer IMMEDIATELY!

Arizona law allows you to appeal the suspension in a court hearing within 15 days of the suspension notice. This may require you to extend your stay in Arizona if you wish to take a chance on the hearing outcome being in your favor. With the help of Charlie Naegle, your penalties and suspension may be greatly reduced. If you do not request a hearing within this 15 day time frame, your pending license suspension will be finalized and in full effect.

Working with an experienced Mesa DUI lawyer will be in your best interest, as they are more familiar with legalities specific to Arizona. Contacting a DUI attorney quickly is also critical to ensuring you do not miss court dates, hearings, and fee deadlines. The Neagle Law Firm offers free, anytime, anywhere phone consultations to ensure you are taken care of, no matter where you’re from. Call us today at (480) 378-9000.

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