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DUI With Kids in the Car


Arizona is known for its stiff punishments and serious penalties when it comes to any type of DUI. In an attempt to curtail the increasing number of DUI incidents, harsh sentences are continuing to be imposed by judges and courts across the state. Little tolerance is shown for offenders, regardless of whether it’s their first incident or their tenth.

The most common DUI’s are considered misdemeanors. But there are some situations where the charge will quickly escalate to a felony based on the circumstances. This is especially true when children are found in the vehicle of the DUI offender. When police stop a person on suspicion of DUI and find any children in the vehicle ages 15 or younger, the charge automatically becomes a Class 6 felony. This means that the person will go to jail, regardless of their prior criminal record.

The severity of the punishment for a DUI with children in the car will be based on the offender’s previous record and their BAC score at the time of the incident. First time offenders can expect a minimum jail time of anywhere between 1 to 90 days. Probation is also a common sentence in these cases. If the offender has any previous DUI convictions, they may receive even harsher sentences, including more time in jail.

In addition to jail and probation, DUI Class 6 felonies require a 1-year revocation of the offender’s driver’s license and up to 2 years of using an ignition interlock device on their vehicle.

Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys is aware that most parents would never consider putting their children in a dangerous situation intentionally. When a DUI with children in the vehicle occurs, there are usually extenuating circumstance surrounding the incident that play a role. Our job is to investigate the case closely and build a strong defense for our clients. Charlie Naegle is known for his great relationships with judges and prosecutors and can work with them to have charges reduced in many cases.

For legal advice regarding DUI charges, please call Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys today.

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