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When DUI's Affect the Community


Hundreds of DUI arrests take place each week throughout Arizona. Offenders include a wide range of people, including underage drivers, popular sports figures, famous celebrities, illegal aliens, and even lawmakers. Many of these incidents go unnoticed or unreported in the media. Some turn into national news. But it seems the DUI events that have the most lasting effect are the ones that affect the community.

Take, for example, the recent DUI related accident that took the life of Officer David Payne of the Chandler Police Department. While on duty and waiting at a red light, he was struck from behind by a 31-year-old driver who was driving under the influence of alcohol.

This was the second time in just under a week when an officer from the Chandler Police Department was killed in a car crash. The news of these two fallen police officers has made headlines everywhere and seems to have a profound affect on the communities the officers lived and served in. Both men left behind families, friends and a work family that is still in shock.

Stories of the officer’s roles in their neighborhoods, local schools, churches and communities continue to emerge. Friends and neighbors have taken to tying ribbons onto branches of the trees that line the streets where the officers lived. T-shirts honoring the men are being sold and worn throughout the valley.

It’s extremely difficult to deal with any DUI related death, especially when it involves someone who is serving our community.

When the suspect who struck Officer Payne was finally arrested, he was booked on several charges, including DUI, driving on a suspended license, suspicion of manslaughter, endangerment and hit-and-run. He faces a long road ahead of him as these charges are addressed one by one.

DUI Attorney Charlie Naegle has seen literally hundreds of DUI situations throughout his career. These scenarios include slight impairment while driving, which can often lead to a dismissal or a very light punishment. They also include more serious crimes combined with DUI.

His first advice is always the same: do not, for any reason, get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. But he’s also ready to go to work for you when mistakes are made. A majority of his clients are just regular people who made a bad choice. His goal is to help them put this bad choice behind them and get their lives back on track just as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know is facing DUI related charges, give the Naegle Law Firm a call today to set up a free consultation.

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