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Late Night Visitor in Flagstaff


Imagine being awoken in the middle of the night to have a man high on a mixture of heroin and meth standing in you living room, shouting at you. That’s exactly what a family in Flagstaff encountered recently according to police reports.

By the time the family found the man shouting in their home, he had already broken to their cars that were parked out front and poured wood sealant all over the front seats of one of the cars in an attempt to light it on fire. Once inside the home, he began swinging a lawn chair around trying to hit the father in the home. He then fled on foot.

A short time later, police arrived and began to follow the footsteps the suspect had left in the snow. As they came around the corner of one house, a man popped out saying that he had just seen someone else running by and began to lead the police to the house he saw that person enter. Police began to investigate the house. That’s when the man who led them there began to flee…he was the original suspect and was trying to throw the police off his trail.

Once he was apprehended, the 28-year-old man admitted to being under the influence of both heroin and methamphetamine. He had originally stopped at the victim’s home and began yelling at a Nativity scene they had out front. Once he realized that the people in the Nativity scene weren’t real people, but decorations, he was embarrassed and decided to go through the cars parked out front.

Ultimately, the suspect was charged with aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument, third-degree auto burglary, criminal damage, trespassing and making a false report to a law enforcement officer.

In a situation like this, it’s imperative that the suspect reaches out to an attorney right away. Using their experience, an attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate the charges and work to have some of them dropped or greatly reduced.

If you or someone you know is facing any of the charges listed above, contact Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys to set up your initial free consultation. Charlie Naegle has helped many people get their lives back on track to the way they were before they were arrested and charged. Let him put his proven track record and extensive knowledge to work for you.

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