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Phoenix Firefighter Busted With Marijuana


A 10-year veteran paramedic working for the Phoenix Fire Department was recently arrested for possession of marijuana for sale and transporting marijuana for sale. It happened when he was stopped for a traffic violation near his home. Officers on the scene noticed the scent of marijuana coming from the back of the truck the suspect was driving at the time of the stop.

Reports show that the officers then escorted the man and his vehicle back to his home. They remained there until they received a signed warrant to search not only the vehicle, but the suspect’s house as well. They were able to find a 20-pound bag of marijuana in the back of the truck.

According to law officials, the man and his house had been under surveillance because of suspected drug related activities. Once the marijuana was found, the man was arrested for charges related to the illegal drug.

Arizona, like the rest of the country, has a zero tolerance policy when dealing with any type of drug offense. This includes drugs such as marijuana and cocaine, but also prescription drugs as well.

When facing any type of illegal drug charges, having a drug possession defense lawyer who understands Arizona drug possession law significantly increases your chance of having your case dismissed. Certain laws in different states require that the accused speak with a lawyer, most likely if you are to appear in court and be evaluated by the judge. Representing yourself in front of people whom you don’t even know can be devastating.

In this case, there are a number of circumstances surrounding the incident that should be thoroughly investigated by an attorney who knows the law. Even the smallest detail can lead to dismissal of charges. An experienced attorney is familiar with the process and knows how to go about a proper investigation. Your attorney will also be able to represent you in the right way in court.

If you or someone you know is facing drug charges, contact Mesa criminal defense attorney Charlie Naegle for the help you need. Charlie is ready to put his knowledge to work for you.

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