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A Case of Extreme DUI and Aggravated Assault


A woman in Tempe tells police she drank 4 beers in a one-hour period of time before getting behind the wheel of her car to drive home. When she was finally stopped, not only was her B.A.C. at a .261 – more than 3 times the legal limit – but she had also been involved in an accident and hit a shopper in a parking lot.

According to documents from the court, when officers questioned the woman responsible for the accident, she could not remember anyone being hit or that she had been involved in a crash.

Police say their investigation indicates that the suspect was trying to flee the scene of the accident, which happened in a nearby intersection, by cutting through a Walmart shopping center parking lot. As she sped through the parking lot, she lost control of her vehicle and hit the shopper before crashing into a parked car.

She now faces 13 criminal counts, including extreme DUI and aggravated assault. Although released on bond, she is not allowed to drive and must wear an ankle bracelet.

When facing extreme DUI or aggravated assault charges in Arizona, it is very important that you review your case with an attorney right away. An experienced Mesa DUI lawyer such as Charlie Naegle, will work to make sure you are treated fairly. There are many defense strategies an attorney can use to either prove your innocence or gain a significant reduction of the charges against you.

Arizona continues to be known for it’s strong penalties against offenders of its drunk driving laws. These penalties include mandatory jail time and expensive fines. With a DUI attorney on your side, it takes only 2-3 months to get you back to the life you were living prior to your arrest.

Contact the offices of Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys today to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.

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