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89-Year-Old Man Transports Drugs from Arizona


In 2011, Leo Sharp was pulled over in his pickup truck on Interstate 94 just west of Detroit. A search of his vehicle turned up over 200 pounds of cocaine that he admitted to transporting for money.

This wasn’t his first time transporting drugs across the country. He also admitted to delivering 1400 pounds of marijuana and cocaine from Arizona a few years earlier.

Sharp is 89 years old and a World War 2 veteran. He’s never been charged with any other crimes in his life and says this is the first time he has broken the law. When asked by the judge if he understood the charges against him he answered yes. He says he knew he was transporting cocaine and that the only reason he agreed to do it is because he needed the money.

Prosecutors seem to be showing mercy by only recommending a 5-year prison sentence instead of the mandatory minimum of 14 years. They say they are doing this because of his age and his war service.

Drug possession, transportation and manufacturing are serious crimes in Arizona. Penalties are strict and heavy and both prosecutors and judges take the charges very seriously. If you find yourself facing drug charges, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and your options.

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