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What do Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision (JIPS) participants have to do?


The Juvenile Intensive Probation Supervision program or JIPS, is designed as an alternative to prison or jail for juvenile offenders. This closely supervised program allows the offenders to demonstrate that they are capable of living with accountability and consequences.

There are some important conditions that participants in the JIPS program must comply with in order to stay in the program. They must participate in one or more of the following activities for at least 32 hours each week:

  • School
  • Work
  • Community Service
  • Participating in a court-ordered treatment program
  • Living in an approved location
  • Remaining at home except to go to work, school or participate in community service or any other special activity that is approved by their probation officer
  • Regular drug and alcohol tests when required
  • Completing goals and expectations as outlined by the court

A JIPS team that typically consists of a juvenile probation officer and surveillance officer closely supervises juvenile offenders participating in the JIPS program. They not only monitor and oversee specific activities, but also work as a liaison with local law enforcement to keep them informed about the activities of the juvenile offender.

Typically, a judge who oversees the disposition hearings will make the decision on whether a juvenile can be placed in the JIPS program. The decision is based on the facts and circumstances of the case as well as a report submitted by the probation officer.

If you are a juvenile offender or the parent of one, you need to discuss your options with an experienced Defense Attorney who can help you work towards the best possible outcome. Working with an attorney such as Charlie Naegle who is familiar with the process and has built a strong relationship with prosecutors and judges, can make a huge difference.

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