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Man Sentenced 15 years for Drugstore Robberies in AZ


Man Sentenced 15 years for Drugstore Robberies in AZ

A man who admitting to robbing a series of drugstores in the Tucson area to get a prescription painkiller has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. The Arizona Daily Star reports that 57-year-old Robert Federico Gutierrez had pleaded guilty to three armed robbery charges. Gutierrez told a probation officer he became addicted to oxycodone after hurting his shoulder doing masonry work. Authorities say Gutierrez handed notes to pharmacy employees demanding drugs and sometimes threatened them with a gun.

Armed Robbery is the taking of property from another by threat or force with the aid of a dangerous weapon or instrument. There are many items that can be classified as a weapon or dangerous instrument. The prosecution is usually very creative when it comes to what they call a deadly weapon and therefore it is extremely important to consult with a competent criminal defense attorney who will fight these serious charges against you.

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