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Understanding Criminal Drug Charges - Drug Crimes Mesa, AZ


If you have been charged with the possession of an illegal substance, a local Mesa AZ drug crimes attorney can help to make sure that your rights are fully protected. At Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, we are dedicated to defending all individuals or juveniles who are facing these serious charges. Do not attempt to face the judge on your own. An experienced attorney from our firm will fight on your side to get you results.

In Arizona, there are a variety of criminal charges related to possession of illegal substances. They include:

  • Possession of Drugs: Including possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, methamphetamines, possession of cocaine, crack, heroin, OxyContin and any other narcotic obtained without a prescription.
  • Drug Distribution or Trafficking: These charges including the selling or distribution of any illegal drugs, as well as conspiring to distribute or sell drugs.
  • Prescription Fraud: Including using fake or forged prescriptions and attempts to have legitimate prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy.
  • Manufacturing of Drugs: These charges include growing or cultivating any drugs, including marijuana, or creating methamphetamines.

In Mesa AZ, a drug crimes attorney from our firm will help you defend your rights if you are facing these serious charges. Call the office of Charlie Naegle at 480-378-9000 today for your free consultation.

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