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In 2006, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, pushed for, and signed into law, tougher penalties for prostitution-related offenses. Under new Arizona Prostitution Law, convicted prostitutes and those soliciting their services will face mandatory jail time.

According to current Arizona prostitution law, the following penalties can occur:

First Offense: 15 days in jail

Second Offense: 30 days in jail

Third Offense: 60 days in jail

Fourth Offense: 180 days in jail

These represent the minimum jail time if convicted and you could be at risk for even more serious consequences if you are charged with prostitution or soliciting a prostitute. It is important that you consult an Arizona prostitution attorney to protect your rights.

Charlie Naegle is a strong defender of individual rights and can help you understand your options when facing prostitution-related charges. To learn more about your charges of solicitation and prostitution, contact us today.

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