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NBA Player Arrested for Drug Possession


On Tuesday, August 13, 2013, NBA player Michael Beasley of the Phoenix Suns was arrested fordrug possession. Scottsdale Police initially pulled Beasley over for a traffic violation and noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from inside his car.

A further search led to the discovery of narcotics in the driver area of Beasley’s car. He was arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession.

This is not Beasley’s first run in with the law when it comes to drug possession. In 2011, he was ticketed for possession of marijuana in Minnesota. Authorities there found marijuana in Beasley’s car, but he claimed a friend he had given a ride to had accidentally dropped it. No arrest was made at this time.

Arizona continues to maintain its zero tolerance policy towards drug offenders. Possession of marijuana in Arizona is most often charged as a misdemeanor, but can be bumped to a Class 6 Felony if it is considered to be for personal use. Class 6 Felonies can be punishable by up to 2 years in prison.

It is possible to avoid jail time if it is your first offense or if you’ve never been arrested for any drug-related charges in the past. Laws were passed in Arizona in the late 1990’s that allow for supervised probation and drug treatment instead of prison depending on the situation.

When faced with drug possession charges, it’s important to seek expert counsel immediately from an experienced Arizona Drug Possession Lawyer. Having a lawyer like Charlie Naegle in your corner can significantly change the outcome of your case.

If you’re facing drug possession charges, call 602 663 9873 today to schedule your free consultation with Charlie Naegle. Hiring a drug possession defense lawyer who understands Arizona drug possession law can have a dramatic impact on your chances of having your case dismissed.

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