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Arizona Couple Faces Drug Possession Charges


Recently, a couple in Sierra Vista, AZ pleaded guilty to drug possession charges including selling and transporting marijuana as well as laundering drug money for more than 10 years. Each of them faces a maximum sentence of up to nine years in prison.

The pleas concluded a lengthy investigation involving multiple state and federal agencies. Upon issuing a search warrant in October of 2012, authorities discovered cash in excess of $130,000 as well as many vehicles and several properties purchased by the married couple in the Sierra Vista area.

Drug transportation and possession continue to be a pressing issue for law enforcement as more and more people each year are charged with crimes related to these issues.

As part of the plea agreement, the couple will lose 8 of their 10 vehicles and all but one of the properties they own. They will also surrender all of the money seized during the investigation.

Facing any type of drug allegations in Arizona can be extremely dangerous as it is a border state with Mexico. Prosecutors still maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards drug offenders.

Hiring an experienced Drug Defense Attorney who understands Arizona drug possession law significantly increases your chance of having your case dismissed. Certain laws in different states require that the accused speak with a lawyer, most likely if you are to appear in court and be evaluated by the judge. Representing yourself in front of people whom you don’t even know can be devastating.

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